Our Services
Our Services

air freight

We offer extensive air freight operations from all points in the UAE to destinations throughout the world and similarly from all world regions on an import basis to the UAE. Furthermore, we provide our services using either a direct service or a deferred consolidation service.

Ocean freight

Interport offers you a full range of ocean freight services which provide fastest transit time and competitive rates to almost all seaports worldwide. In fact, we achieve this with the help of our contacts with reliable shipping lines.

land transportation

Here at Interport Shipping & Logistics, we understand the importance and need for the fast delivery of your cargo and hence offer you overland transportation of goods. Moreover, our drivers will take care of all transit customs clearances.

customs clearance

We understand the importance of on-time delivery and the effects of delayed delivery on your business. Accordingly, customs management experts at Interport enhance all our international transportation services. 

packing and removal

Our packing specialists help to move your precious cargo intact, to any part of the world. Be it your china set or your precious crystals, we deliver all your valuables, packed, sealed and safe to your destination.

commercial packing

Our “Commercial Packing Services” encompass providing custom made packing solutions for goods of commercial nature, be it heavy equipment, machinery, sophisticated parts or materials requiring vacuum packing.


Interport offers a secure and well maintained storage space in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, we cross check all items received in the warehouse with the packing lists. Also, we clearly mark and record storage bays for easy identification.

project cargo forwarders

We offer all of our customers a vibrant service known as project logistics. Indeed, we provide you a seamless project handling service on an end-to-end basis which is backed by our strong experience in the field.

lashing, securing, stuffing & De-Stuffing services

We strive continuously to maintain the best standards in securing and lashing containers so that your cargo is safe. Furthermore, we specialize in securing your cargo in containers to prevent damage during transit.