Land Transportation

Land Transportation

Here, at Interport Shipping & Logistics, we understand the importance and need for the fast delivery of your cargo. Accordingly, we offer you our land transportation services. In general, this ensures faster transit times over short distances. Additionally, we also provide transport to neighboring GCC countries and multi-modal services to the land locked CIS Countries.

Likewise, FTL (Full Truck Load) services can be provided for both Flatbed and Box Trailers, depending on the type of load. At the same time, all transit customs clearances are taken care of by our drivers. Also, exit and entry border clearances can be performed by us in the absence of existing appointed agents. Furthermore, we offer low bed trailers for over dimensional cargo to all GCC countries.

Additionally, as a value added service, our documentation team provides professional advice and assistance on all aspects of export documentation, including preparation of certificate of origin.

So, please give us a call for any over land trucking services you may require and we will be especially delighted to assist you.