Lashing, Securing, Stuffing & De-Stuffing Services

Lashing, Securing and Stuffing Services

Our lashing, securing and stuffing services are unparalleled in the UAE. As a result of our commitment to the safety of your precious cargo, we specialize in securing your cargo in containers to prevent damage during transit. Furthermore, we also strive continuously to maintain the best standards in securing and lashing containers so that your cargo is safe, when and where it arrives. In fact, flat rack containers are used in the case of cargo that does not follow regular container dimensions. Likewise, lashing eyes, tension levers or stanchions are used to lash and secure your cargo. Our experienced personnel are trained to take care and use all available materials to secure your cargo. Moreover we secure your cargo appropriately with tarpaulins in containers. Above all, preventing damage during transit is our primary, goal so that your cargo arrives just the way you sent it.

Moreover, besides lashing and securing, Interport also offers clients container stuffing and de-stuffing services. These are provided either with the container resting on trailers or grounded depending on the nature, weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Clients use our expertise in this service to have a hassle free, damage free delivery of shipments. Furthermore, our expertise also holds true for stuffing of odd size packages using crane and forklifts.

Please give us a call for any lashing, securing, stuffing and de-stuffing services you may require and we will be especially delighted to assist you.